Seminar - Accessibility and Inclusion at the Polytechnic of Tomar


The Polytechnic of Tomar celebrated the Day of People with Disabilities with a seminar on accessibility and inclusion at the Polytechnic of Tomar.


On this day we talked about fairness, accessibility, equal opportunities and social justice.

 We started by presenting the new Office for Inclusive Education at the Polytechnic of Tomar, created as part of the Success Journey project - POCH-02-S3I2-FSE--000045, which aims to be a place of support for all students with special needs. The presentation was made by Professor Susana Domingos, a PhD in Educational Sciences, who is a member of the mentoring group and will be in charge of this office.

 Next, Silvia Silva, from the Diversity and Inclusion Group, presented the results of the "Put yourself in my shoes" awareness-raising activity, promoted by the Salvador Association, through which we were able to observe the strengths and weaknesses of our campus in Tomar, in relation to accessibility, and identify the improvements that could be made so that it can be increasingly accessible to everyone.

 Finally, our Masters in Editorial Design student Catarina Silva spoke about invisible disabilities and how design can be an excellent tool for raising awareness and educating on the issue.

 Because they are invisible, these disabilities are largely unknown and often misunderstood.